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Let’s Be #TypicallyThankful for 24 Days!

Hi everyone, Happy November! ūüôāhello november

I hope that throughout¬†this¬†month, your days¬†will be filled with friends, family, pumpkin pie and… GRATITUDE!

When we think about gratitude OR being thankful in general, one particular holiday comes to mind. Thanksgiving, of course!

Thanksgiving is a holiday that is supposed to be filled with genuine gratitude for all of the things, people and passions in your life. When we think of Thanksgiving, all those things we love in life are supposed to come to mind.gratitude definition

But let the truth be told (from my perspective of course), it¬†seems that the first thing to come to mind is¬†a turkey? Stuffing. Cranberry sauce. Cake and ice cream.¬†ūüėõ

And let’s not forget about the ever-so-popular Black Friday sales!

I’m definitely thankful for food. Food is delicious! And I’m also thankful for great sales and bargains! But let’s be real. ¬†Society is a bit¬†hung up on these, and that doesn’t help which brings me to¬†the following question.

black fridayIs that all we’re really thankful for?

What about other things like memories, nature and music? Or quality time with family and friends?

It seems like we’re focused more on material things, getting the “latest and greatest” in technology, versus actual experiences or the gift of life.

Interestingly right after¬†Thanksgiving, people are vying for the same phone that’s on sale. The day right after expressing our gratitude¬†for everything we already have, we are willing to shove each other at stores to get that deal.

In my opinion, they’re just that– things.

And in my experience, it’s not so much the latest gadget¬†that’s left an imprint in my heart. But more so the promises, the memories, the quality time spent with family or friends. Showing someone, through your actions, that you truly and genuinely care.

The things that are priceless!

I feel like many of us are guilty for taking certain things for granted in life. Not just things that we already own, but we take people for granted as well.thank you

For example, I think many teens¬†can relate to taking their parents for granted. ¬†Or the time that our¬†parent(s) may spend with us on a day to day basis (yes my mom annoys me and she’s always around me but at the same time, I wouldn’t want it any other way).

we have so much to be thankful for one day hardly seems adequateThis month, I’d like to celebrate gratitude but¬†not just on Thanksgiving Day.

I’d like to celebrate it every single day this month!

I’m challenging myself and you to be thankful for 24 days!¬†#TypicallyThankful¬†that is! ¬†ūüėČ

there is always something to be thankful forStarting today, I’m going to share a status on social media on what I’m grateful for.¬†And I’m extending an invite for you to join me as well! ¬†ūüôā

All you need to do is post a status (on any social media site) sharing something you are grateful for, using the hashtag #TypicallyThankful.

There is always something to be thankful for. We have so many opportunities, experiences, things¬†and people in our lives that one day just isn’t enough to take pleasure in remembering these.

If you can’t think of a reason of why you may be¬†thankful, think of those in our¬†world who are lacking or going through challenging times (hunger, poverty, wars, homelessness, orphans, clean water, a family loss, just to name a few).

I¬†look forward to sharing in this experience with you,¬†and to reading your¬†posts! ūüėČ

Until next time!

~ Rina Raj