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Amy’s Dad Dilemma – What Would YOU Do? P.2

Hey everyone! Let’s take a trip down memory lane. Some of you may remember my good friend Amy and her summer dilemma regarding her father (read Amy’s Summer Dilemma – What Would YOU Do?).

To sum it up, Amy had a situation with her father during the summer and in the end, she decided it would be best to not visit him when the summer was over. Well, Amy needs our help once again.

After the situation occurred during the summer, Amy decided to write her father a letter in order to express her feelings to him.

At first, Amy’s attempted letters were ruthless attacks, offensive just me when i finish a letter at 3 amlanguage and resulted in lots of tears. Amy then changed her mind about writing a letter since she was expressing too much negativity. But then one night, she had a sudden inspiration.

She wrote a two page letter to her father.

The letter took her a total of 3 hours to finish.

After writing the letter and mailing it, Amy’s dad called to speak with her sister, Sarah. After the conversation, Sarah informed Amy that their father said he had not opened Amy’s letter, nor did he plan to.dear music i will never be able to thank you enough for always being there for me

Amy felt like an idiot for convincing herself that her time and effort spent writing this letter was going to pay off. She wanted to express herself in a peaceful manner, letting him know how she had felt and that she loved him.

But now, she felt even more upset.

After weeks went by, Amy was able to brush it off and focus solely on her summer camps and song writing.

The summer ended and the new school year began. Amy began conversing with her stepmother. One day, her stepmom called to share the big news.

its a girlAmy was going to be a big sister.

At first she was extremely excited and started mentally planning out the baby shower, the cute little outfits she could save up to get for her little sister. And then it hit her like a bus.

How was she going to see the baby, and help with the shower, if she and her father weren’t speaking?

After coming to this realization, Amy found it hard to be excited about the new baby. She decided not to worry about it too much and figured this situation with her dad wouldn’t drag on forever. Eventually, everything would be okay.

Well, months went by.

i try to act like it doesn't bother me but my dad not caring makes me more upset than i like to admitOne evening, Amy volunteered at Sarah’s concert. And Amy’s father attended. When he approached the entrance way with Amy’s stepmom, Amy felt her dad didn’t acknowledge her and so Amy didn’t acknowledge him either. Her stepmom was happy to see her and expressed that.

After some time went by (they had to wait outside for a period of time since the concert was already in progress)…

“So, you’re not going to say hello?” Amy’s father was now interested in speaking with her and insisted on doing so, but Amy was in the middle of working at the entrance way.  It was not a good time to talk, Amy needed to stay focused and she expressed that.

Since that evening, Amy has felt confused. Why would she be the one to initiate conversation after not hearing from him?  Now she was ten times more confused.

when people treat you like they don't care, beleive themAmy has asked many of us for advice and the responses are typically, “He’s your dad.”

Amy couldn’t take it anymore and recently, she lost it.

“My dad? Of course he’s my dad, but has he raised me? Does he support my dreams or does he only care about himself? He has been to only 3 out of my 13 performances, and 1 out of the 5 concerts! And it’s not like he was out of town for all of them. He doesn’t even know me! I’ll bet if I asked him what my favorite color is, he wouldn’t know the answer. I’ll bet if he asked what I wanted from Starbucks and I said “the usual” he wouldn’t come back with the right drink. All he’s ever done is told me what I’m doing wrong and who the heck is he to talk?! But you know what, it’s okay. We have to learn from our mistakes, right? And now I know how NOT to treat a kid.”having kids doesn't make you a father raising them does

Amy is going through a really rough patch right now. She feels like her dad doesn’t care, that he never has.

Her letter was a way to get him to listen to her – without him yelling at her – in hopes to validate her feelings and understand why she wasn’t ready to visit.

As much as my friend pretends that she is fine, it’s easy to tell that she’s not okay. She’s hurting.

I know in time this experience will make her much stronger. But right now, she’s not there yet. She needs encouragement and words of wisdom.

If you were in Amy’s situation, what would YOU do?  Do you have any suggestions or words of advice? Please share in the comments below, I know she would really appreciate it!

Until next time!

~Rina Raj



My Sister Mayhem… UGH!

Hey everyone! Sorry it’s taken me a while to write you all. Thanks for those great comments on my last post! 😘

Well last week, I finished my fourth week of summer camp. I’ve got one more week to go!

image1 (1)

My first week of camp was an all high school intensive acting group. I can truthfully say it was the most intense camp I’ve ever taken.

The second week was a Pitch Perfect themed camp. The choreography was the most advanced I’ve ever done at any of these camps, and the vocals were as challenging as being back in advanced chorus!

The other thing about the Pitch Perfect camp is that it’s the first camp I haven’t been alone in. What that means is, my sister was also enrolled in the same camp. It was very different to have to share my week with her and also perform with her. Especially because she wouldn’t leave me alone the entire week!images (2)

I’ll admit, I didn’t want her there. Little sisters can be embarrassing and annoying, and personally I perceive everything my sister does as one of those two.

It took a lot to adapt to the fact that she was going to be in the same camp as I. And once I accepted that fact, I was even more upset about it.

images (1)

She followed me around everywhere, sat next to me at lunch, had more friends than I did, and the instructors kept confusing us with each other.

She did everything better then I did too. She sang all the high notes, got the choreography down really fast, and came up with way more interesting improvisation skits then I did.

I was so sick of it.

But after spending so much time with her at lunch and with her friends, I came to the astounding realization that hanging out with my sister isn’t so bad.

Yes, she was the most embarrassing thing ever who wanted to tell every story about our family.

And yes, she wanted to stand next to me every opportunity she had throughout the play.image1 (2)

But I have to admit, having her there was sort of fun. Yup, I said it.

Being in the same performance for once was also kind of fun.

I guess the lesson I learned here is that being your little sister’s friend isn’t so bad after all. It’s just a very “interesting” experience.

Nonetheless, I enjoyed her company and at least we created some great memories together sharing and bonding (by the way, we’re in camp together this week as well 😉 ).

Do you have any siblings? Have you ever been in a class with them, or shared a summer camp experience with them? Have you ever felt annoyed about it? Or maybe discovered after some time that you do enjoy their company? Do share! 😁

Until next time!

-Rina Raj