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Don’t you just “LOVE” Your Teachers?

Hi everyone and Hello 2016! 🙂

Well, I’m aware that I did not share a blog post last week (I know, I know, we’ll address time management in a future blog post) but my “welcome back” load of homework was quite a load and quite overwhelming. I’m definitely learning about time management and trying to balance accordingly.

Thank you all for your recent feedback and comments. Many of you have asked me to write a funny blog post relatable to high school. Ideas were shared and so, since we just started back at school after our two precious weeks of winter break, I thought I’d go with the suggestion of sharing our experiences about our teachers.

Now please keep in mind, this post is only meant to be humorous; for fun and for laughs. We love our teachers very much, just as much as our teachers love us. 😉

types of teachers.jpg


Teacher #1: The Parent

Ever had a teacher whom you felt was trying to control your whole life? They typically make comments about what their students are wearing, give extra homework, and if someone dare tries to inform them that most of us have six OTHER classes with homework as well, let’s just say it ain’t pretty.

I had a teacher like this a couple years ago and I once missed a quiz in her class. Here is a snippet of our conversation…

Me: When would be a good time to make up the quiz I missed yesterday?

Teacher: I’m free after school today. You can come by my room after seventh period and take it.

Me: I can’t today, I have something important to do after school.

Teacher: What’s more important than making up my quiz?

Me: Um, I have an after school club.

Teacher: Obviously you shouldn’t be in this club if you don’t even have time to attend my class!

Me: …I missed one day…

Teacher: Don’t you talk back to me, young lady! *sigh* Come and take it during lunch. I only say the things I say because I care, all right? Now go back to your seat, dear.

Whaaaaaa??? 😮

Why are you trying to take control of my life outside of your class? *shakes head*

i really don't care.jpegTeacher #2: The “I-don’t-care-what-you-do-with-your-life-but-I-have-to-teach-you” Teacher

Typically, this is one of the “best” teachers to have. They don’t care what you do as long as you’re “working”. You can have your phone out in their class, you can eat a five course meal, whatever. They DON’T CARE.

Normally their first-day-of-school “monologue” goes a little something like this:

“Alright guys. First things first, phones. I don’t want you hiding them behind your backpacks. You can have them out, you can text in my class, I don’t care. Unless I tell you to put them away specifically. If I do happen to catch you with your phone out during a time I have asked for them to be away, I won’t take your phone. I won’t even say anything to you. I’ll just take your points away. I don’t care what you do on your phones when you do have them out, and I don’t care what you take into your life from this course, but I am getting paid to teach you and you have an EOC (end of course exam). So today, you can just chill and talk. Whatever. *shrugs* I don’t care.

You know what, sir? I “don’t care” if you “don’t care”. *peace sign*

Teacher #3: I’m Sarcastic and I Know it! sarcasm.jpg

This teacher is usually the one that everyone secretly hates. They are basically a bully to their students and being in their class sort of – well, you know – sucks.

When a student gets a low grade on a test that they are handing back to them, they say something along the lines of “Your mom must be so proud of you!” or “You are so going to become a doctor with these grades!”

When going over a question that no one has the answer to, they say something like “Wow, no one has the answer? I love how everyone does their homework in here!” When in reality, everyone did the homework and has every other question except that one.

When they teach a new lesson and ask if anyone’s heard of a term or formula before and no one has, their response is typically along the lines of “No? Never heard of it? Wooooooooow! I’ve got a great class!”

*whispers* Only we teens are allowed to use sarcasm, got that? 😉

i can't keep calm he proposed.pngTeacher #4: The Family Oriented 

“My wife LOVES this chapter…”

“My boyfriend hates that I give so much homework…”

“My son refuses to go to the school that I teach at…”

“So since our bellwork today has to do with love, I thought I would share something that recently happened in my life that relates to love… Since we’re all like family here, right?” *smiles* “Weeellll… HE PROPOSED!!!” *holds up left hand* *dramatically wiggling hand with ring on it*

“Last night I found out that dogs can hold grudges. See, what happened was…”

All things that a family oriented teacher will say, they constantly feel the need to update you on their romance life, their parenting techniques, what their dog did the night before… everything!

And they always have some way to relate one of their family members or a personal experience to the lesson they’re teaching.

Generally, they’re very nice teachers… just extremely annoying. I mean, we go to school to not hear anything about family. We try to escape them. *awkward smile*

Teacher #5: The Actormasks.jpg

This is usually the performing arts teachers (chorus, dance, band, theatre, etc.). They’re very passionate about what they’re teaching and so they get very excited over little things (like their favorite musical, play, or song) and use hand gestures whenever they can.

Hand gestures. All.The.Time.

Teacher: “Okay guys, today we’re going to learn about greek mythology!” *excitedly waving hand at the board*

Student: *takes phone out*

Teacher: *le gasp* *hand on heart* “Put your phone away RIGHT NOW!” *pointing dramatically at student* “I can’t believe that kids these days have the nerve!” *throwing hands up in dismay*

Again, hand gestures. Dramatic body language. All.The.Time. (Not that I don’t do the same thing 😉 )

sunglasses.pngTeacher #6: The #SwagDawgTwoThree!

This is that cool young teacher that totally feels how boring classes can be and totally understands you.

They’re basically your best friend.

“Okay guys, I know it’s been boring, we’ve been taking turns reading and answering questions, so take a deep breath, work on the vocab, listen to music, work with someone else… play on your phone, update Twitter…”

*laughing at something someone drew on the board* “Somebody please, quick, Snapchat this!”

They aren’t trying to be one of us. They ARE one of us. 😀

So, these are just a few of the teachers we’ve all experienced. 🙂 Do you have any you would like to add? If so, PLEASE SHARE!

Comment below which ones you can relate to, which ones you find most entertaining, or which teachers you’ve encountered in your life. Share your story and let’s give our teachers some love! 😉

Until next time!

~ Rina Raj
















































































































Bullies are Like Boogers… No One Likes Them.

This week, I’d like to write about a topic I’ve been wanting to write about for quite some time. Bullying.ouch bullying hurts

The dictionary’s definition of bullying is “unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance.”


Bullying may be unwanted but it is also unneeded. Many of us have enough on our plates and just don’t need someone picking on us all the time.

dont talk about me until you have talked to me dont underestimate me until you challenge me dont judge me until you know meAnd the one thing that confuses me is why so many people get bullied even after movies like Cyberbully came out.

It seems to me like some people get pleasure from making others feel bad about themselves.

A few years ago, one of my friends had a very traumatizing experience with some bullies.

Let’s call her Nancy.

Nancy had just broken up with her first boyfriend, and she had a perfectly valid reason to. She wasn’t ready for a relationship. Nancy’s ex-boyfriend (let’s call him Derek) didn’t take kindly to that and wound up spreading rumors that he had broken up with Nancy because she wanted to get physically intimate with him.

Talk about not handling the situation very well.

Within a matter of days, everyone that knew Nancy and Derek believed theyou dont know their story dont judge rumors that Derek and his friends had spread about Nancy. Behind her back (and to her face), Nancy was called a “slut” and a “whore”.

Even some of her friends were gossiping about her and assuming the worst without even talking to Nancy about it first.

It tore her up to have people so close to her turn their backs and become part of the problem, especially when none of it was even true.

And yes, eventually the rumors faded and everything went back to being as normal as it possibly could, but those memories stuck with Nancy, and she probably won’t ever forget them.

I have another friend who is currently being picked on. We’ll nickname her Becky.

Becky isn’t the most athletic person on earth, and this results deathballin her hiding during dodgeball.

Hiding = not getting hit.

Not getting hit = not getting out.

(For those who do not understand the game of dodgeball, if you get hit by the ball, then you’re out of the game.)

Not getting out = last one left.

As the last one left on her team, the rest of the team consented to yelling at her to catch a ball so one of them could get back in.

Catching a ball wasn’t really the first thing on her mind when she got pelted from all angles.

Recently, one of the older guys in her class has been picking on her because of her lack of athletic ability. A couple weeks ago, she found out that he gets bullied as well. This detail only made her more angry.

“I get it, okay? He gets picked on, but that is no excuse for him to make me
feel like I’m worth nothing and I’m a fail at everything when in reality the one thing I can’t do is catch a dodgeball. You want me to feel sorry for him? Maybe if he didn’t make me feel so sorry for myself, I would.”

So to sum this up, bullying is not fun. It may make you feel like a better you because you’re on a higher status than the person you’re picking on, but in reality…. your status is way, way deep down in the cellar.dont stand by stand up stand strong stand together

As deep down as love in the Grinch’s heart. *BA-DUM-TSS*

Have any of you dealt with situations similar to Nancy and Becky? What are your experiences with bullying? Do share!

Until next time!

~Rina Raj


So I’m Surviving High School… TIME TO START A CULT!

Hi everyone! Sorry it’s taken so long for me to write you all. Thank you for all the likes, shares and comments on my last post! 🙂

After being in high school for five weeks now, I’ve come to notice that we often carry labels.

There are the cheerleaders, who are well known and popular.labels

There are the theatre, band and chorus geeks, who aren’t as popular, but if one of them have landed a lead role or solo, they automatically get much attention.

There are the nerds, who utilize the lunch period as a study session.

There are the “emo” kids, who dress in dark colors and don’t typically socialize.

There are thebullying bullies, who walk around picking on whoever is in their way for no particular reason.

There are victims who typically walk with their heads down and avoid everyone.

There are the jocks, who usually play football and are admired by some of the guys and eyed by most of the girls.

And then there are the loners who sit by a wall during lunch period and spend that time by themselves.

The list can go on, and on, and on.

Most of these labels also have certain stereotypes that go along with them.

We often assume that the cheerleaders and jocks are dumb.music

We think the fine art geeks spend their free time spouting Shakespeare, learning a new instrument and breaking out in spontaneous song (not that they don’t).

We assume that the nerds are born smart.  And the loners have no social life, spending all their time locked in a room staring at the ceiling.

We think the bullies are jerks for no reason, and that the victims are targeted for just existing.

And we are so, so certain that the “emo” kids are planning to destroy the school and start a cult one day.

Almost none of those stereotypes are accurate.

Rarely will you meet a jock or cheerleader that doesn’t have all A’s and B’s. They have to in order to stay on their teams.

The nerds often study because they don’t understand the material and they don’t want to fail their classes. And the loners are probably some of the most funny and outgoing people you will ever meet.

While the performing crew do love to sing, dance and act, they have lives outside of that as well, and the day you spot a group of them spontaneously break out into song, please video tape that and share it! 😉

Bullies have reasons for picking on other kids, even if they aren’t valid.  We don’t know their story, for everyone we meet is fighting a hard battle.

The “emo” kids may come across as hating the world (and some of them do), but most of them still sleep with stuffed animals and are the most harmless people ever. While they may joke about starting a cult of some sort, none of them would actually do it.

beyoutifulIn reality, none of these labels or stereotypes are correct. Take me for example: I’m heavily involved when it comes to theatre and chorus, I’m friends with a few cheerleaders, I wear a lot of black and glare at people, I’m a victim of bullying, I sit by a wall during lunch, spend break by myself and I love to read.

That doesn’t make me a cross between all the labels. It just makes me… Me!

Labels are just that, labels. They don’t define who you are. Because you are you. And you’re unique and special, just the way you are.

Have you ever been labeled as one of the above? Or have you labeled someone? Share your own experiences in the comments below and let’s discuss! 🙂

Also, in an effort to be more stable with my blog posts, I’m going to attempt to post every Tuesday. Typical Tuesdays.

Also, do you have any interesting topics you’d like to read about?  Send your ideas my way!

Until next time!

(And by the way, the only cult I’m starting is a study group for Human Geography… 😉 )

– Rina Raj