So I’m Surviving High School… TIME TO START A CULT!

Hi everyone! Sorry it’s taken so long for me to write you all. Thank you for all the likes, shares and comments on my last post! 🙂

After being in high school for five weeks now, I’ve come to notice that we often carry labels.

There are the cheerleaders, who are well known and popular.labels

There are the theatre, band and chorus geeks, who aren’t as popular, but if one of them have landed a lead role or solo, they automatically get much attention.

There are the nerds, who utilize the lunch period as a study session.

There are the “emo” kids, who dress in dark colors and don’t typically socialize.

There are thebullying bullies, who walk around picking on whoever is in their way for no particular reason.

There are victims who typically walk with their heads down and avoid everyone.

There are the jocks, who usually play football and are admired by some of the guys and eyed by most of the girls.

And then there are the loners who sit by a wall during lunch period and spend that time by themselves.

The list can go on, and on, and on.

Most of these labels also have certain stereotypes that go along with them.

We often assume that the cheerleaders and jocks are

We think the fine art geeks spend their free time spouting Shakespeare, learning a new instrument and breaking out in spontaneous song (not that they don’t).

We assume that the nerds are born smart.  And the loners have no social life, spending all their time locked in a room staring at the ceiling.

We think the bullies are jerks for no reason, and that the victims are targeted for just existing.

And we are so, so certain that the “emo” kids are planning to destroy the school and start a cult one day.

Almost none of those stereotypes are accurate.

Rarely will you meet a jock or cheerleader that doesn’t have all A’s and B’s. They have to in order to stay on their teams.

The nerds often study because they don’t understand the material and they don’t want to fail their classes. And the loners are probably some of the most funny and outgoing people you will ever meet.

While the performing crew do love to sing, dance and act, they have lives outside of that as well, and the day you spot a group of them spontaneously break out into song, please video tape that and share it! 😉

Bullies have reasons for picking on other kids, even if they aren’t valid.  We don’t know their story, for everyone we meet is fighting a hard battle.

The “emo” kids may come across as hating the world (and some of them do), but most of them still sleep with stuffed animals and are the most harmless people ever. While they may joke about starting a cult of some sort, none of them would actually do it.

beyoutifulIn reality, none of these labels or stereotypes are correct. Take me for example: I’m heavily involved when it comes to theatre and chorus, I’m friends with a few cheerleaders, I wear a lot of black and glare at people, I’m a victim of bullying, I sit by a wall during lunch, spend break by myself and I love to read.

That doesn’t make me a cross between all the labels. It just makes me… Me!

Labels are just that, labels. They don’t define who you are. Because you are you. And you’re unique and special, just the way you are.

Have you ever been labeled as one of the above? Or have you labeled someone? Share your own experiences in the comments below and let’s discuss! 🙂

Also, in an effort to be more stable with my blog posts, I’m going to attempt to post every Tuesday. Typical Tuesdays.

Also, do you have any interesting topics you’d like to read about?  Send your ideas my way!

Until next time!

(And by the way, the only cult I’m starting is a study group for Human Geography… 😉 )

– Rina Raj


6 thoughts on “So I’m Surviving High School… TIME TO START A CULT!

  1. These stereotypes are believed to be true even when they are not. Like take me as an example. I’m a cheerleader but I’m not well known. I don’t want to be well known either because if you are well known then everyone expects you to be someone you are not. Every time I get a notification that you posted another one I get so happy because you always make me laugh. You are amazing. Do not change! Love ya!
    P.S. We Should study for AP human together 😉 XD


  2. Yo Rina! I totally agree with the labels! People like to say that the marching band only walks around and we’re lazy. When in reality we have so much training and practice to get as good as we are. So yeah I can’t exactly join your cult, but I can still help I guess? -Catt


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