Thank Goodness Middle School is OVER! *sniffles*

Hi everyone! Welcome to my second blog post! 🙂

Last week Wednesday was my last day of middle school. For three whole years of intense studies, torture, and bullies *rolls eyes*, I had been waiting anxiously for the day to come when I would escape it all.

Then when I entered my eighth grade year, I was struck with the reality of my situation.

I was growing up and life was starting to take a turn.

Suddenly, I had to think about my future career and what I wanted to be. All I knew at that point was that I didn’t want to be the girl with no plan.

I decided on a career involving what I love.

I wanted to write. Not just articles, but I wanted to write a book which I started soon after.images

I wanted to sing, so I started teaching myself how to play an acoustic guitar.

I also started taking piano lessons and writing melodic lyrics. And just recently, I started a band.  😀

And last but not least, I wanted to act. I decided I wanted to take several summer theater camps. The camps include advanced acting, singing and dancing.

After a whole year oIMG_1639f being the “big kid”, I was counting down the seconds to my last day of school and sadly, it didn’t hit me that I should just enjoy my last week as an 8th grader.

In just a matter of days, everything began happening really fast. Before I knew it, the last day of school was here.

In first period, I said good-bye to one of my close friends who was going to a different high school. I didn’t cry.

In third period, I left behind two seventh grade girls who completely made my year (and I am going to miss them so, so much). I didn’t cry.

In fourth and fifth period, I walked out on five extremely close friends, three of which are going to a different high school, and a teacher that has been an amazing inspiration and influence in my life these past two years. I cried for maybe five minutes.

Then in seventh period, I looked around at my group of four friends and for one class period, we didn’t even think about food (like we usually do in seventh period). We just hugged each other and begged the one friend that was going to a different high school to move in with one of us.

I bawled like a little baby.

Then the announcements came on and the eighth graders were dismissed early.

When I walked into that courtyard for the last time, I realized exactly how much I was surprisingly going to miss that school.

I want to thank all of the teachers I’ve had over the last three years for putting up with my negative attitude and helping me to grow.

I want to thank my best friends for sticking through thick and thin with me for what seems like a whole lot more than just three years of school together. You guys are the absolute best!

For those of you teens reading this post who still have a few days left of middle school,  please enjoy them. Savor every moment because they are going to end and they’re going to end faster than you might think.

And although you may be under the impression that the second that last bell rings, you’re going to run out of that school with the biggest smile on your face and not think to look back, there’s a high chance that you will be wrong. I know I was.

And if you just finished elementary school and are scared about middle school, that’s okay. Be scared, but enjoy the journey.

Cherish every challenging exam and every IMG_1637difficult teacher. Believe me, you’ll regret it if you don’t.

My life is changing and rapidly. I’ll admit, I’m not quite ready for it and frankly, I don’t want to grow up. But growing up isn’t a choice and as long as you have a plan, you’ll be okay.

Thank you for reading my latest post.  I hope you all have a great summer! I am enjoying mine so far. Until next time!  🙂

– Rina Raj


6 thoughts on “Thank Goodness Middle School is OVER! *sniffles*

  1. Aww Rina! Even tho I’m not included really, this is soooooooooooo true!! I’ll miss a lot of people because I’m not going to the school most people u know are going to so I’ll miss them and I have grown to know many youngens that I will miss dearly. The is soo relatable.


  2. I’m gonna miss you next year and all through high school! I hope we can stay connected and, you know, casually trash each other’s proms XD.
    Haha jk…kinda. ❤ Thanks for being an awesome friend 🙂

    Have fun in high school!


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